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Established in 1993

- Jessica Wells 10/22/2020
"My husband took the cave tour, which he really enjoyed. He said the guide was very informative and made it really interesting. He got a kick out of the bridge! I toured the American Cave Museum while he did the cave and although it is a small museum it was fun. I especially got caught up by the story of Mr. Collins, who perished while cave exploring. His story is haunting. And they have a great gift shop! There was a really fun antique shop across the street full of beautiful china and glassware, rooms and rooms of incredible antique finds."

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- Jacob R. Kelley 10/20/2020
"While Mammoth Cave gets all the glory, I have to say that of all the caves I have visited in the area, Hidden River is the most quaint and personal experience. While it lacks the "tradition" cave formations (hardly the cave's fault for anyone singing the place stars) it has such an interesting history. It's a fascinating story of a cave that was used as a literal sewer for generations that through conservation has restored itself and become a great source of interesting cave education for all ages. Our guide was super friendly as was the whole staff at the gift shop. You could tell they really wanted to be there, and due to the smaller touring group size you got the feeling that when they aren't having to "herd cats" they are eager to answer any questions visitors might have in the fullest of detail. Two things worth mentioning: the bridge and the steps. First, the obvious one, the bridge. Im am an absolute chicken when it comes to heights. I don't like getting on 6' step ladders. However, my 10 year old daughter was brave enough to do it, so I felt I must as well. Actually, its not that bad. It doesn't sway like the wooden ones on a playground, and truthfully, going across the first time it is so dark and your eyes are still adjusting that you can do what I did: Wait for the kids in the group to cross first (jumping up and down), then truck on as quick as you can. I just focused on keeping my hands on the rails (COVID be damned in this instance) and make a quick crossing. I bet it took all of 45 seconds to get across when you go quick and steady. The number of steps going down and back is worth noting. You don't notice it as much going down, but coming back they are steep. My legs were certainly feeling it by the time we got to the top, so keep in mind if you have any mobility issues or simply don't like going up a bunch of steps. The whole experience was great. I loved hearing the history and learning more about the cave and the river cutting through it. We will certainly be back."


- robert martin 10/16/2020
"Great place"

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- bobby acciardo 10/15/2020
"Cool place"

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