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Established in 1993

- Bekka Davidson 9/29/2020
"I went to this place a couple of days ago and boy is it a sight to see . I'm amazed at the cave and the museum. I would definitely recommend you to go . They have the longest swinging bridge in a cave in the world. The walk down to the cave is amazing but the walk back up is very strenuous. Also, props to our cave tour guide Chris . He was very friendly and patient with everyone and of course very informative."

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- Kelli White 9/21/2020
"Hands down the best tour! We did the adventure cave tour and Aaron rocked! If you want adventure this is the tour for you! You will definitely need knee pads (fabric ones, not hard plastic), elbow pads may also have been good too, wear cloths you don't care about bc you will be wading thru cave water and getting verrry muddy. Belly crawling under rocks in the mud, climbing up muddy slopes, rocks, steps, repel ropes down muddy hills... Honestly this was the best and we loved it. Thanks so much!! Here are our before and after pictures (our shoes and lower legs are clean bc we hosed them off at the bottom of the steps ??)!"


- Kristy Broughton 9/11/2020
"Nice cavern, lots to see and learn I enjoyed the cavern and it had a nice assortment of features.some I hadn't seen before. Only thing I didn't care about was the tour guide seemed to talk to much in one place, always watching her watch to make sure you stayed under ground long enough . I don't want to rush and I take lots of pictures, but I don't just want to stand in one place for to long."

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- Naomi G. 9/9/2020
"My son and I ventured on the off trail tour. They prepped you with helmets and headlights and there was an old ticket booth shack where you could leave your valuables. Our guide took us to the main cave tour and explained the history of the cave and the changes that have taken place. We saw some bats flying around in the dome! We then went into the river. Our guide was very conscientious of pace and made sure everyone was ok throughout the trip. There were parts we had the option to squeeze through and easier/harder options throughout the tour. We got to go through where Mike Rowe got stuck! It was quite muddy in some areas so definitely have some good boots and it does get wet. We saw the crayfish, cave fish, cave crickets, and an invasive species of crayfish as well. Our guide pointed out key areas, the areas they use as a gauge for flooding, history of the area and some beautiful cave formations. It was our first time going through a caving experience like this and I can say both my son and I loved this three hour tour! Not too strenuous and the options would make it okay for those not wanting to get into really tight spaces. I'm glad I had layered up on clothing and wore my waterproof socks-I was definitely soaked through but the layers definitely helped. The climb back to the shack was probably the most strenuous part but we were hungry and the motivation for food got us going! I'm glad I did not take my iPhone with me because it did get tight in some parts and I was wet from shoulder down. Next time, I will take gloves. Pretty sure there will be a next time for both my son and I. Even if you don't do this off trail tour, the tour of the cave would be so impressive with the domes, river and suspension bridge. Highly recommend!"

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